ControlActivationService and SimpleWorkItemActivationService

A CAB-WorkItem is activated while one of its SmartParts respectively controls is entered.
It is independent to which of the WorkItem's collections (Item- or SmartPartCollection)  the control was added, it only has to be derived from System.Windows.Forms.Control.
This works due to the ControlActivationService of the CompositeUI.Winforms Library.
If the control is entered the ControlActivationService activates the containing WorkItem. Use the Workitem Activation/Deactivation to enable or disable the command which belong to the WorkItem.
The SimpleWorkItemActivationService ensures that only one WorkItem is active.
Paulo Morgado shows how to replace the SimpleWorkItemActivationService by an hierarchical ActivationService.

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Posted on: 7/22/2008 at 11:16 PM
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